Happy to Be

Recently, I attended a local sound meditation event and as the singing bowls whirled away, I heard a voice say, “Stop doing. Just be.”

Once the bowls were quiet, the facilitator spoke to us for a few minutes and she said this phrase… “Take some of the pressure off.”

Another message for me from Spirit. I know this because I have no idea what else she said but when she uttered that phrase, I felt like I was out of my body for a minute.

I spent the rest of the weekend pondering this idea of just be.

What if I actually stopped doing?

I’ve been doing my whole life and in the last 5 years doing (A.K.A. trying, forcing, manipulating, worrying, etc.) has become so much more intense as I try to scratch this itch of doing something meaningful.

I spent time on the land and asked it about just being. I wrote this question in my journal… What if I don’t do anything meaningful?

Here’s what the land said to me: “Just to be alive is meaningful. You are meaningful. To shine light and love can be one of the most meaningful things. To have people in this place to experience this beauty, to experience the healing here and sharing your light and love with them is so powerful. It’s extremely meaningful.”

And at that moment, a butterfly landed on the page!

This morning, as I scrolled through my Facebook feed, I came upon this. Look at the title of this short film. Happy to Be. I watched it and everything Warren said and his way of being, resonates so deeply with me. I had the nudge all day to share with you and I take that as Spirit is telling me someone else here needs to hear Warren’s perspective on the world too.

In harmony,