Blue Heron

I didn’t think anything was wrong with me. I was pretty sure I was fine. However, the doctor advised me to go and get a diagnostic mammogram.

The weird thing is I wasn’t scared.

At that moment.

A week before the test was a different story.

Maybe I’ve just been in denial? Maybe I want to believe nothing is wrong with me but maybe I’m wrong?

Sitting on the land with my journal, writing all these fears, I asked Spirit for a sign that I’m ok.

The message I got was…

In times like these, we need to just stop and breathe. Get out of our heads and just Be. Enjoy this moment. This very moment. Connect to our bodies. Just Be.

The mind is like a runaway train. The universe asks us to step off and trust. Trust that we are always supported. No matter what. No matter where our journey takes us.

We will always be ok.

I had Jamie Sams’ Medicine Cards deck with me so I decided to pull a card.

Blue Heron.


Here is the card’s meaning, taken from the Medicine Cards book…

Heron medicine is the power of knowing the self by discovering its gifts and facing its challenges. It is the ability to accept all feelings and opinions without denying any emotion or thought…

Heron is now calling you to delve deeper, to know yourself, and to trust your path.

And then I looked on…

Alternatively, he could be teaching you how to become comfortable in uncertain situations.

Well, this was certainly an uncertain situation!

Two hours later, I was driving down the driveway to head back to the city. As I approached the creek, I looked to the right. There on the creek bank, standing still and tall, was a blue heron!

In shock, I slammed on the brakes. He turned to look at me before he spread his wings, lifted off, and flew into the woods.

Six years of coming to Magic Tree Sanctuary, I had never seen a heron on this land. It wasn’t a coincidence that today was the day I saw one. Two hours after I pulled the Blue Heron card. It was Spirit at work.

It was my sign.

We are always supported. Trust that Spirit has your back. No matter what.

In harmony,