The Gift of a Feather

As I drove up the twisty mountain road, my mind was focused on altars. More to the point, I was thinking about feathers and how I wished I had one.

I’d recently seen a photo of a friend’s altar. She had created an incredible altar on top of a trunk in her office with crystals, oracle cards and beautiful artwork. I had similar items on my altar, but I noticed she had large feathers on her’s. I loved how the feathers looked—a striking element of nature in her sacred space.

In five years of walking Magic Tree Sanctuary, I had only found 2 feathers—2 giant turkey feathers. I used them to add some interest to a fake plant on the master bedroom dresser in the cabin.

Should I bring them home for my altar? No, I really like the way they look in the cabin, I thought as I turned into the driveway.

Right after I dropped my overnight bag and a few groceries on the porch steps, I headed down to the creek to unload the chairs I brought up in the truck.

I parked by the bridge and carried the chairs across to the grassy area. I placed them on the ground and as I turned back to cross the bridge, it caught my eye. There, on the creek bank, I saw a large striped feather.


Am I really seeing this?

I walked over to the feather and as I picked it up, I experienced a deep inner knowing that this was so much more than just a random coincidence.


Since then, I’ve begun to recognize these magical occurrences for what they are—messages from Spirit. The Universe is co-creating with you. You are never alone and you’re always supported. You are on the right track.

Since finding that feather, I’ve noticed when I open myself up and create space to receive these divine messages, more of them show up. That’s part of the magic. The more you notice synchronistic moments, the more they get repeated. It’s the Law of Attraction principle.

What you focus on grows.

In harmony,